Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chicken Cutlets

So what do YOU do when chicken cutlets are on sale? 

This package says $1.99 a pound, but I had a coupon and actually purchased 
them for $1.69 a pound.
Instead of just throwing the whole package into the freezer, 
I take some steps NOW to make cooking easier on busy days.

This is what I do with my chicken cutlets. 
I take them all out of the package and if they're really thick, 
I'll slice them them in half, making them thinner and trim the fat off.  

Then half of them will go into a bowl with beaten eggs.
After I rinse them, of course!

Then into a baking dish of bread crumbs...

And into a hot pan with a little oil.
I only brown them.  
They're not cooked through...

Drain on some paper towels...

Then I wrap them individually in aluminum foil 
and place in a bag and throw the bag in the freezer...

The ones that WEREN'T cooked, just get wrapped up individually in 
aluminum foil and placed in a different bag 
and thrown in the freezer...

Come back tomorrow to see how I turn the above packages into meals!

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